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There is now an opportunity for individuals to benefit from Dr. Daniel Amen's screening and coaching methods in Ontario.  At the Brain Health Coaching Centre our focus is in the brain health which includes, attention, mood, toxicity, and concussions, among other areas.   A plan is created, specific to one's unique brain function.  The first step is always natural health alternatives.  Referrals could be made to a naturopath, osteopath, medical doctor, clinical psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist, as needed.  Coaching is provided to help improve brain health and quality of life.     

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About Us

A Multidisciplinary Program

Brain health is more than just psychology. Our multidisciplinary program is a natural and wholistic approach to help you achieve optimal brain functioning.  Hands-on treatments improve neurological and structural deficits.  NAET® is also used to balance the body’s energies by eliminating allergens, sensitivities and intolerances that can impact brain functioning. Screening for Irlen Syndrome helps to identify and improve reading problems, headaches, light sensitivity and ADHD symptoms.

And Customized Coaching

Dr. Amen says , "You're not stuck with the brain you have".  Learn the exact tools and strategies you need to implement to improve your brain function through a series of coaching sessions, so your progress can be monitored.  Our coaches will teach you how to change your brain - from the food you eat, to the activities you participate in.

Creates Incredible Possibilities

It all begins with the brain.  Your future depends on your decisions, and you can't make great decisions without a great brain.  Learn the changes you can make today for a better tomorrow.

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